When it comes to construction contracts, there are several costs that are typically included under the umbrella of “general conditions.” These costs cover a broad spectrum of expenses that are incurred during the construction process but are not directly related to the actual building of the structure itself.

So, what exactly do general conditions costs include? Here are some of the most common expenses you may see in a construction contract:

1. Temporary Utilities: During the construction process, temporary utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer may be needed at the job site. These costs are typically included in general conditions.

2. Site Management: General conditions may also cover the cost of the site manager, who is responsible for overseeing the construction process and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

3. Permits and Fees: Obtaining the necessary permits and paying associated fees is another common expense that falls under general conditions.

4. Security: Depending on the location of the construction site, security may be necessary to ensure that the property is protected from theft or vandalism.

5. Insurance: Builders insurance is a must to avoid personal injuries to workers and third-party damages.

6. Cleanup: Once construction is complete, there may be costs associated with cleaning up the job site and removing any debris that was generated during the building process.

7. Mobilization and Demobilization: This includes the cost of bringing equipment and materials to the job site at the beginning of the project and removing them at the end.

It`s worth noting that the specific general conditions costs included in a construction contract will vary depending on the project. However, most contracts will contain a section outlining what expenses fall under this category.

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