Agreement Rules Examples: A Guide for Clean and Consistent Writing

Agreement rules are an important aspect of grammar that ensures clean and consistent writing. Understanding and following these rules can make a huge difference in the clarity and professionalism of your writing. In this guide, we`ll explore some common agreement rules and provide examples to help you become a better writer.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement requires that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in number. In other words, a singular subject should have a singular verb, while a plural subject should have a plural verb.

Example 1: The dog barks loudly. (singular subject `dog` matches with singular verb `barks`)

Example 2: The cats meow constantly. (plural subject `cats` matches with plural verb `meow`)

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Pronoun-antecedent agreement requires that pronouns match the gender and number of their antecedents (the noun that the pronoun refers to).

Example 1: Sarah went to the store, and she bought some ice cream. (singular antecedent `Sarah` matches with singular pronoun `she`)

Example 2: The students turned in their papers early, so they could enjoy the weekend. (plural antecedent `students` matches with plural pronoun `they`)

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns refer to a group of people or things but are treated as a singular entity. The verb that follows a collective noun should be singular.

Example 1: The choir sings beautifully. (singular verb `sings` matches with collective noun `choir`)

Example 2: Our team is the best in the league. (singular verb `is` matches with collective noun `team`)

Singular and Plural Nouns

It is essential to match the singular or plural form of a noun with the verb, article, and pronoun that refer to it.

Example 1: One dog is enough for me. (singular noun `dog` matches with singular verb `is` and singular article `one`)

Example 2: Three dogs are in the backyard. (plural noun `dogs` match with plural verb `are` and plural numeral adjective `three`)

In Conclusion

Agreement rules may seem like a small part of grammar, but they play a significant role in ensuring that your writing is consistent and clear. By following these rules and using the examples provided, you can improve your writing and create a more professional impression. Remember, good writing is a combination of various elements, including grammar, spelling, and style. Keep practicing and perfecting the art of agreement rules to become a better writer.